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Terms and Conditions

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What type of data we collect:

We do not collect any type of personal or official data. 

WhatsApp Software:

After installation of WhatsApp software, we do not have any option to either delete software or its data or its expiry date. Only this can be possible when you manually delete its key, uninstall software or re-install windows operating system.


Our payments are prepaid basis.

We provide support/services against the payment we charge from our client. If client got any error or problem using software, we give support and provide maximum guidance on it.

If you need refund then its available within 7 days from installation date.

Software Updates:

We update our software time by time when it requires some changes. The software update may take long time because many changes may occur in updating process and there is no deadline or commitment for next/upcoming update. We do provide support and help to make your campaigns successfully using current software version.